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College Students are not Invincible

As a college student, fantasizing that I am Superman is sometimes not enough when it comes to my personal well-being. College students face so many risks such as alcohol consumption, drug usage, unsafe sex, stress, and poor diet yet most of them will not be prepared when it goes down the deep end.

Besides health related-risks for being a college student, one must also be aware of identity thief, liability, and their personal property being stolen.

“Most parents shy away from talking about these difficult things because they touch on our deepest fears,” said Christie Alderman, vice president at Chubb & Son, an insurance firm in New Jersey. But, she noted, not talking about a risk does not make it go away.

Parents. Teachers. Students. Look into insurance!

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Written by lordsinsurancelog

September 17, 2010 at 11:15 pm