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Everybody should Social Network

So I’ve been dabbling with the online ‘social experience’ for about a week and half now here at Lord’s Insurance. I must say, this tool is not only fun but it is highly beneficial as well. Thanks to the people at Astonish, I’ve learned a lot about social networking besides the general young adult usage.  Here is a short explanation of my experience:

Things I do that works:

  • Post. Constantly.
    • It’s kind of like driving around and seeing billboards constantly. That McDonalds logo will be seen constantly and people will always see it, even if they don’t care about it. It’s an inception of the mind!
    • Social networking means being social, so that means constantly talking to your followers and the people you follow. By doing this, you get your name out!
  • Post useful content.
    • Informative, interesting, humorous, and so on. Though the best post seem to be the one that are humorous since they leave a lasting impression. Sarcastic quips are usually the best. If you’re a funny person in general, this should be a piece of cake.
  • Aesthetics.
    • Web 2.0. Typography. Design. CSS. Make things easy to read and easy on the eyes as well!


  • Your name is constantly being broadcasted.
    • Of course it would be! As long as you’re constantly posting some sort of content, your name is out there. Especially if it’s lasting impression like making them laugh or smile.
  • It’s fun!
    • Think of it as a party. You go to a party, talk to people, talk about anything, and enjoy yourself. This is what Social Networking as a business should be like.


Written by lordsinsurancelog

September 21, 2010 at 9:59 pm

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