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Time for a change of pace!


Commercials in America rarely use the sympathy angle to target their audience but Thailand is not afraid to use such tactics to advertise their business. I stumbled upon these insurance commercials on YouTube and they’ve been quite an eye opener in a marketing sense. It definitely does a quality job getting people’s attention but is it a good idea to play this card from a business stand point?


The grammar in the videos aren’t so great, but don’t let that affect your view on theses videos.

Grandpa – About a grandpa and his love for his wife.

Daddy – It’s best to just keep this one spoiler-free.

My son – About a father and his neglect and reconciliation for his son.

Maa Thoy – About a loving adoptive mother.

My girl – About a father and his daughter.

Grandma – About an ex-pianist grandmother.

Marry Me –  A tragic love story.


What do you think? How many tissues did you go through? Could a commercial like this work in America? Many people tend to avoid uncomfortable stories but these commercials definitely leave a lasting impression.


Here are some quotes from the YouTube comment section:

“Thai commercials are the best in the world, like My girl, My son, Marry me, The dad that gets to hold his child only once before he dies, I want more time, and que sera sera. Thai insurance, the most touching, heartbreaking commercials ever. Thank you Thailand, this commercials have made me a better man towards my family, my friends and all people around me.”

“This is one of the saddest commercials I have ever seen…… How come we don’t have commercials like that?”

“God dam advertising im not even in thailand and i want thai life insurance!”

“THAI commercials are SO deep. HOW do they do this? I wish AMERICAN commercials were like this.”

“Why [can’t] the US can’t have these kind of commercials…”



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October 1, 2010 at 10:46 pm

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