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‘Normal’ insurance coverages  like auto insurance is great and all but not very entertaining. Odd insurances are.


Did you know that you could insure your body parts? Yes. Your eyeballs. Your legs. Your hands. Any of them! Although the average joe is not likely to be insuring his legs anytime soon, insuring body parts has been rather synonymous to celebrities.



Its origin is said to have originated in the silent movie era when Ben Turpin, known for his crossed-eyes, took out a $20,000 insurance policy in case his eyes no longer crossed. Yup.

Other celebrities  soon jumped on the publicity bandwagon.


Betty Grable, a pin-up model, insured her legs for one million dollars!


Bette Davis, an actress, took a policy against weight gain. Seems like a good way to motivate yourself to stay thin!

Dolly Parton, musician, insured her 42-inch bust for $600,000

Gene Simmons, of Kiss fame, supposedly insured his tongue for one one million dollars!


America Ferrara, star of Ugly Betty, insured her smile for ten million dollars.


So with these shining examples; insurance companies aren’t just insuring for the quality and size of body parts but more of their earning capacity. These celebrities are insuring more than a body part – they’re insuring a brand that matches their ‘character’.


A summary of WorkCover’s body part estimates follows:

  • loss of vision in both eyes was worth $100,000;
  • one eye was only worth $40,000;
  • the power of speech was valued at $60,000;
  • loss of hearing in both ears was worth $65,000;
  • hearing in one ear was valued at $20,000;
  • loss of the right arm above the elbow was worth $80,000;
  • loss of the right hand yielded $70,000;
  • the right thumb was worth $30,000;
  • the right forefinger was worth $20,000;
  • compensation for a leg was $75,000;
  • loss of a foot came in at $65,000;
  • a big toe was worth $22,000;
  • loss of both breasts yielded $47,000;
  • a penis was worth $47,000;
  • and the loss of both testicles came in at $47,000

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October 28, 2010 at 11:11 pm

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