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December 16 2010

We’re only 15 more days until the new years! Can you believe it? Hang on tight folks, one more day until the weekends! Let’s see what else happened on December 16th in the past:

1946 – Thailand joins the United Nations.

1982 – The Federal Reserve announces that the operating capacity of factories has gone down to 67.8%.

1985 – Mafia: In New York City, Paul Castellano and Thomas Bilotti are shot dead on the orders of John Gotti, who assumes leadership of the Gambino family.

1997 – An episode of Pokémon, “Denno Senshi Porygon”, aired in Japan induces seizures in hundreds of Japanese children.


Curious to see the episode that caused hundreds of Japanese children a seizure? Beware! If you get seizures easily, do not watch it!


Written by lordsinsurancelog

December 16, 2010 at 5:07 pm