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Helvetica is a font – it’s a font that is practically everywhere you look. In fact, the font in the image above is Helvetica! All of the photos I use for this blog is in Helvetica. It’s contemporary, simple, and clean. You literally will find Helvetica almost anywhere you look. Here are some examples of Helvetica(bold, italicized, normal, etc):

I recently watched a documentary on Helvetica (Yes, a documentary about a font) and it opened my mind to the world of typography. Font is sentient – it breathes, it thinks, and it emotes for us.

Helvetica was manufactured in 1957 by a typographer in Münchenstein, Switzerland. It was originally named ‘ Neue Haas Grotesk’ but its name was difficult to market so it was renamed to Helvetia, meaning Switzerland in Latin. After some debate, it was later named Helvetica, meaning Swiss in Latin after one of the members thought it was inappropriate to name a font after a country.

So now that you’re aware of Helvetica, try to keep track how many times you see Helvetica being used when you walk down the street, drive around, or even just looking at some objects on your desk.

I currently see about 3  uses of Helvetica just by simply moving my head right about 45 degrees.  What about you?


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January 10, 2011 at 7:16 pm

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