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I’m an independent idealistic ice-cream idolizing individual with lots to say. Actually, most of the things I have to say involve silly rants. I rant a lot, sometimes my friends hate me because of it. Sometimes they don’t. I don’t have many friends. :(. Enjoy!

Barnes and Noble

Last time I checked, Barnes and Noble was a book store yet there are people who treat it like a library. It’s totally fine if you want to come and read a book but when it gets to the point of hushing other people, that’s ridiculous! At the local B&N, there is a middle aged woman who treats B&N like the local park. She comes in with a blanket, lies it over the beautifully trimmed carpet, and reads a book as she soaks in the beautiful atmosphere of college students and Starbucks – she also hushes people around her if it’s gets too loud. Barnes and Noble is a book store! Ahh!

I imagined the executives who opened B&N had this idea, “Let’s open a book store and get rich!” Not “Hey, let’s open a book store! Also, let’s let people read books like it’s library, let clumsy people hold coffee drinks next to our books, llet them browse magazines as they eat greasy French fries, and let people touch our books without washing their hands after using the restroom.”

Oh Barnes and Noble!

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Written by lordsinsurancelog

January 18, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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