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Weekends Are For Doing Things You Might Regret


It’s only Wednesday but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare yourself for some fun this weekend! Weekends should not be taken for granted – it’s a two day vacation from the long five day week of work, school, or any other weekly events in your life. Take advantage of the two days and do something to reward yourself – pick up a hobby, get really drunk, finish a project, read a book, or soak in the beautiful sun(if you have any sun).

Here is a previous article on how to enjoy California a bit more(such as finding events/shows nearby)  but here are some other links that hopefully find you a new way to enjoy the weekends from anywhere you are: – A new website for you bar lovers. is a social networking website that offers live webcams at their bars(so you can see how the crowd is or to turn on and watch while drinking a beer…how depressing). Besides the cams, they also offer vouchers and a list of events around your area.

Meetup – A website that promotes social interaction with like minded folks. They offer tons of groups that should fill in any particular interest in your life. The website is usually for 30-40+ year olds but there are some 20-30 groups as well as 50+. From sports game at the beach to movie viewings – they have it all to help you meet new friends and find new interests.

Yelp – In case you have been living under a rock, Yelp is the leading force online for reviews on local restaurants, bars, venues, spas, and so much more. Yelp is also a good website for coupons and discounts as of late – sign up for their newsletter to get special offers and deals.

Not So Boring Life / Discover A Hobby/ Find Me A Hobby– Interested in staying home instead? These websites are dedicated to almost any hobby you can think of – so check it out and see if anything piques your interest!  Check out this hobby test on CNN to find out what hobby you may be interested in.

REI – Yes, REI is a retail and online store that sells outdoor products but they do also offer classes(some free, some not) that utilizes their experts to teach you useful information for activities you may be interested in.

If what you’re looking for are specific events such as concerts, shows, bands, exhibits, and so on – then either check your local listing or read this previous article.

Now it’s time to wait for the weekend to arrive…

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February 24, 2011 at 12:28 am

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