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Charity Event – Charley Daugherty’s Fight With Cancer

Sometimes we all need to take a break from the hustle an bustle of our busy lives and reflect on the things around us. Charley Elizabeth Daugherty is a 6 year old first grader who attends a dance & art class every week, plays soccer, and tackles the daily grind of school. She is just like any other child – a daughter, a sister, hard-working student, and potentially the next president. A few years ago, Doctors discovered a tumor within her abdomen.

“There is a tumor in her abdomen that’s about 18 cm big.  It is stemming from her kidney, and they believe it to be a Wilm’s tumor.  There are also 2 smaller tumors that have broken off from it.  The tumor for the most part is contained, and hasn’t spread anywhere in her body.  Her MRI showed her brain was clear, and the CT scan showed her lungs were clear also – great news!!  It is however pressed its way into a vein near her kidney.” – source

Charley and her family have been through a lot – fighting cancer and keeping their spirits up. They’ve stayed strong for so long and now it’s time for us to help them out  the best we can . Charley has recently underwent surgery and is in recovery – things are looking great but there is still a long way to go for Charley and her family.

Please support Charley and her family the best you can.  Charley has been unable to return to first grade but will be receiving a private tutor to keep her education up – any sort of donation or words of encouragement will aid Charley in her education and spirits.

  • You can read more about Charley here.
  • Stay updated with Charley’s progress here. (There is also a way to get e-mail and text updates)
  • You can donate money here.
  • Write some encouraging words in their guestbook here or contact the author of the blog.

The family is planning a fundraiser – please keep track of the journal to be updated about the fundraiser.

“We ask for you to keep Charley, her parents, her grandmother,  and all of the medical professionals who are treating her in prayer.” – source


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March 2, 2011 at 8:14 pm

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