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Time Wasters of the Day

Want to escape your daily grind of clacking on the keyboards, picking up the phones, changing diapers, or playing solitaire at work when you should be working? Well – I can’t offer you a vacation or anything but the best I can do is point out some interesting reads – from short stories to news around the world. Just pretend you’re there when you read them, it’s almost the same right?

Sea Monsters Real & Imagined(article) – I always looked at the ocean as a giant pool full of germs, bacteria, and organisms that mate and become gross scary creatures….so if you’re crazy like I am then check out DiscoveryNew’s article about the crazy sea creatures that may or may not have dwelled the sea – or maybe they still dwell there after all!?

Star Size Comparison(video) – Do you realize just how small you or earth is compared to all the other stars and planets? This video will show you just how small you can really be(that’s what she said). Warning : May freak you out.

Machine of Death(short story book) – Machine of Death is a collection of short stories about a machine that tell the person how they’re going to die – except the machine is rather ironic. For example, a person will receive “OLD AGE” as their death but could still be ran over by an elderly person in a car. You can read the entire book for free via PDF, buy the book off Amazon, or listen to the podcast where some of the stories are read to you.

Whole Chicken In a Can(article) –  Chicken is rather easy to make but if you’re extremely lazy or you just hate yourself – you can also purchase a whole chicken in a can. Yes, a can. It sits there in its own delicious congealed fat just waiting for someone to eat it.

Just because we’re an insurance company doesn’t mean we know how to have fun! Don’t forget you can visit our Facebook, Twitter, and home page for more information about insurance!


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March 2, 2011 at 9:01 pm

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