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Machine of Death – Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die

Think about what life would be like if a machine that could predict how you would die. It simply gets a blood sample and spits out a card with the information on how you would die. For example, you could get “OLD AGE” and think you’ll die around the time you can get senior discounts – well, the machine has a sense of irony. OLD AGE could also mean a car running you over, driven by an elderly person – thus, ‘old age’.

Would you choose to know how you would die?

If you got “Car Accident”, would you try to avoid cars altogether? Although the irony of the machine will probably mean a cargo plane with cars will fall out into your log cabin in the middle of the woods.

So, hypothetical situations aside – Machine of Death is a collection of short stories written by over thirty different authors. The book definitely jogs some interesting ideas and questions about the human psyche. Could knowing your death completely change your entire life?  Would it change your job? What will insurance coverage be like? Would you even bother getting health insurance if you know your death would be from being eaten by a whale?

The book comes in different shades of mood – humor, drama, mystery, and almost everything to fit your likings.

You can read the free PDF version here.
Purchase the actual book here.
Listen to some chapters via podcast here.


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March 3, 2011 at 6:29 pm

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