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Time Wasters of The Day

Why be productive when you can watch videos of cats being adorable?

How to turn cheap steak into prime steak (article) – The title says it all! It also includes the science of how it works – why spend a lot of money on a steak when you can simply spend a few dollars?

How Ink is Made (video) – This doesn’t sound as boring as it seems because the cinematography and production value of the video makes the creation of ink look beautiful – it makes it look like modern day Piccaso. (website) – Looking for a new wallpaper for your computer or laptop? This website is the website for finding a wallpaper. With such a large database and easy navigation, finding a wallpaper that suits your taste is just a few clicks away.

Pallo (???) – I’m going to keep this a secret but this is a serious time waster – just open it up and let your creativity take its toll.

Owl Cam (webcams) – Want to watch a bunch of owls eating and destroying mice to heavy metal music? Well the heavy metal music isn’t included but you can still watch owls tear stuff up.

Just because we’re an insurance company doesn’t mean we know how to have fun! Don’t forget you can visit our Facebook, Twitter, and home page for more information about insurance!


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March 3, 2011 at 9:14 pm

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