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Stop Fueling Up Your Car With Bad Gas

And no, I don’t mean rolling up your windows and farting until your spouse wants to jump out of a moving vehicle at 60mph which results in her injury thus you having to fork over money to pay for her bills and…uh – What I meant is, stop fueling your car up with gasoline that could end up damaging your vehicle!

We (try to) avoid putting junk food in our bodies so why should you tolerate putting bad gas in your car? We use food to fuel our bodies but if we don’t receive the proper nutrition – our body ceases to function properly – much like your car if you put in bad gas.

While gasoline is gasoline – what matters is the additives that different gasoline companies put in the gas to promote a healthy car. Low quality gasoline could end up damaging your car and will leave a negative impact on engine performance and vehicle maintenance over time. Ever try to jog a mile after scoffing down a delicious bowl of chilli cheese fries? I speak from experience – don’t do it, you’ll end up falling after the first quarter mile.

Here is a a photo of what your intake valve could look like with bad gas and good gas:

It kind of looks like those smoker’s lung and normal lung photos.

According to TopTierGas, here are the gasoline companies that fit their standards:

76 Petro-Canada
Aloha Petroleum Phillips 66
Chevron QuikTrip
Chevron Canada Rebel Oil
Conoco Road Ranger
CountryMark Severson Oil
Entec Stations Shell
Esso Shell Canada
Exxon Sunoco Canada
Kwik Trip / Kwik Star Texaco
MFA Oil Co. The Somerset Refinery, Inc.
Mileage Stations Tri-Par Oil Co.
Mobil Turkey Hill Minit Markets
U.S. Oil


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March 4, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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