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Get Life Insurance Before You Fall Onto The Corner Of A Desk

You see that? That could be the last thing you ever see!

Most people choose to ignore discussing something that is extremely important for their well being. First, they think it’s risky to spend against an uncertain future but if a meteorite crashes into your house, knocks the lamp over which scares your cat, which makes him jump into your lap, which makes you jump up, trip, and land head first into the corner of a desk resulting in your death  you would have wished you had some insurance. Just because you feel invincible doesn’t mean death could be around the corner – many choose not to pay for something that is unforeseen. It’s a lot simpler for most people to think about getting auto insurance since most drive a vehicle everyday and an accident could happen at anytime – so why skimp out on life insurance when it’s pretty much the same situation but your life instead of your car?

It’s understandable that death is a touchy subject to talk about. Some may think that an investment in life insurance is a ticket towards death but you can’t turn away from something that is inevitable – it’s like closing your eyes and hoping your car will reappear on that curb you parked on that says “NO PARKING” but you were too much in a hurry to notice. Everybody dies and it’s really time for you to admit to it – the fear shouldn’t be overwhelming though and you ought to consider life insurance despite it.

It’s a comforting thought to know that if an unfortunate event were to occur, an insurance policy will be there to take care of your loved ones. Unless you’re a ghost who will try to take care of them but you really shouldn’t be spending your after-life haunting your family & friends – go to the beach and enjoy the sun! Ghosts can get tanned right? For those of you who have children, it’s also an extremely simple way to provide for your kids. Knowing all this will assist you to enjoy life and put your mind at rest – any fears about “What will happen if…” will be taken care of. A lot of individuals invest all their lives looking after the individuals which they love – life insurance is merely extra time of that same concept in to the future.

With the magic of life insurance – it’ll also take care of certain debts, bills, and especially any funeral cost. Do you know how much a funeral cost?

According to, in 2009 the average funeral cost is around $7,500. While the casket alone can range between $600 and $10,000, the average cost was about $2,300. The basic service fee for the funeral director was $1,400, plus $600 for embalming, $400 for calling hours, $450 for a ceremony, $625 for transportation and $500 for miscellaneous expenses including writing and placing the obituary, obtaining the proper permits and providing a register book. – eHow

Death is a time of mourning, don’t let the stress of funeral bills hinder your loved one’s. You can sign up for a term life insurance policy to be sure they don’t have to worry about money or even the burial costs. This may allow you to have satisfaction within the entire procedure.


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March 8, 2011 at 6:16 pm

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