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Time Wasters of the Day

Did you do anything productive today? Waking up counts. If you have, then reward yourself by wasting your time with us!

Top 10 Low Pass Flybys of All Time (video) – Like jets? Like jets going really fast? Like jets that fly so low that they wet your pants? Of course you do – check out the video to see the top 10 low flybys ever!

Music Painting (video) – What happens when you combine a talented painter/drawer, music, and a video camera? You get a lot of things actually but this is one of them! Extremely creative, touching, and beautiful – the notes actually match her drawings too! Also, the tree she draws is the best drawn tree I’ve seen in a long time.

F.lux (link/program) – The computer monitor is made to look extremely bright on purpose – which is perfectly fine in the morning but what about at night? Have you ever stared at the monitor too long at night and felt a headache or eye-soreness? With F.lux, this fixes everything by automatically adjusting your monitor to a relaxing tint depending on the time of day. Your mind and eyes will thank you after this.

Jello (article) – Do you know what Jello is made out of? It’s a fine powdery substance that becomes a beautiful and tasty gelatin meal – but just what is it exactly? I recommend you don’t read this if you really love Jello.

Just because we’re an insurance company doesn’t mean we know how to have fun! Don’t forget you can visit our Facebook, Twitter, and home page for more information about insurance!


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March 8, 2011 at 8:01 pm

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