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Time Wasters Of The Day

Welcome back to having your time wasted again – hey it beats changing your baby’s diaper right? No, we don’t support baby abuse.

Texts From Last Night (link) – These are a compilation of text messages that people have received – either from a drunk friend or because of some silly typos. Example : “I smell like booze and the valet literally buckled me in, def top 3 walks of shame”

This Is Why You’re Fat (link) – Bacon wrapped hotdogs, a hamburger with two donuts instead of buns, deep fried oreos and so much more. Prepare to be bombarded with a plethora of food that will give you a heart attack – or at least make you very hungry.

F My Life (link) – Does your day suck? Well, similar to Text From Last Night – it’s a compilation of messages people write about how their lives are pretty crappy. It’s actually pretty funny. Yes, I may be a horrible monster. Example : “Today, I dropped my urine sample on my pants. Not only do I now not have a sample, it looks like I pissed myself. FML”

My Life is Average (link) – Kind of a parody of F my life about how people’s lives are pretty average. Example : “Today, I fell asleep with my favorite pair of socks on. When I woke up, I was wearing a different pair. I live alone. I’m extrememly terrified. MLIA.”

Six Amazing Pop-up Paper Sculptures (link) – Remember pop-up books? It’s the same concept but a billion times better – you just have to watch and see for yourself!

Just because we’re an insurance company doesn’t mean we know how to have fun! Don’t forget you can visit our Facebook, Twitter, and home page for more information about insurance!


Written by lordsinsurancelog

March 9, 2011 at 10:20 pm

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