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Awesome Ways To Save Money On Gas


Okay that’s actually not a really good way to save on gas but it would help! People really depend on gas to get around and with its rising cost – people need to be smart about how they use their gas. Here are some tips on how to save money on gas:

  • Keep a steady speed. The most fuel-efficient speed may be the point at which your vehicle shifts to high gear. For most vehicles, this is somewhere around 50mph.
  • Do your best to avoid traffic, rain, and windy days. Rain & head wind creates extra air drag that uses more fuel to create and maintain a constant speed. Try running against the wind and with the wind – you’ll use more energy running against it than with it.
  • For truck drivers: Lowering the tailgate on a pickup truck will reduce your gas mileage by reducing drag. Studies have shown that an air cushion is created behind the cab that creates a low drag surface for the air to travel over.
  • Avoid pressing the gas to regain the speed lost from braking. Repeated braking simply wastes energy, converting it into unnecessary heat energy and greatly reduces the service life of your brakes.
  • Try not to accelerate too quickly. By punching on the gas pedal, you are burning extra fuel and increasing tire wear. By accelerating slowly you are only using the fuel required to get the vehicle to the cruising speed.
  • Drive smoothly.  It increases fuel consumption when you allow the vehicle speed to drift lower and then accelerate back up than it does to maintain a steady position on the accelerator. Allowing the car to lose speed going up hills and gain speed going down increases efficiency.
  • Keep the tires inflated to the proper pressure. Correct tire pressure will mean your car will work less to drive. Keep a tire gauge handy and check the pressure. Tires naturally lose air over a period of time.
  • Relax. Listen to music that won’t make you want to rip the heads off of the drivers around you. Listening to upbeat music will rise your heart rate and make you want to speed and do other things that could result in wasting gas.
  • Avoid excessive idling. If you plan to idle your car for more than a minute, it’s best to just turn off the engine at that point. Newer cars do not need to be warmed up on cold days – a couple of seconds is more than enough to do the trick.
  • Walk or use a bicycle. Of course if your commute is 30 minutes away, this is kind of unreasonable. If it is possible then plan ahead and find safe routes to take.
  • Look into joining a Gas Saving community. Learn from other gas saving aficionados about how to save on gas.
  • Watch this video! Hey, 8 more ways to save on gas in video format can’t be bad right?

Written by lordsinsurancelog

March 9, 2011 at 7:45 pm

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