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8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan – Best Wishes to Everyone

Tsunami in Japan. 33 foot waves.

As of 1:29am pacific time, about three hours ago – Japan was struck with an 8.9 earthquake and a Tsunami has hit Japan. I am really at a lost for words – the surreal feeling watching a catastrophe as I sit in my chair makes me feel like I should be waking up from a horrible dream. As I type this, there have been 32 people confirmed dead and billions of dollars in property damage. My prayers and wishes go out to everybody involved.

For those of you who are just waking up, I recommend heading over to CNN to get a more detailed explanation but I will do my best to let everyone know what I know as of now:

Notice the cars on the bridge.

Click for big. A map of the Tsunami’s travel time. Waves are expected to hit Hawaii around 3AM and the Pacific coast around 8-9AM.

Click for big. A map of Japan’s Tsunami vulnerability.


Written by lordsinsurancelog

March 11, 2011 at 10:16 am