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How to Wear Green and Get Drunk On St Patty’s Day

It’s Saint Patrick’s day! The day where everybody is Irish!

Don’t be at home today wearing green underwear doing nothing – come out and enjoy the festivities around you with your peers!

Here are some ideas & tips on where you can go to find some local events:

Unofficial St Patty’s Day Website & Events – These great people have done their best to compile a list of events going on this day from every major city.

OCWeekly – This is for the folks in Orange County – OCweekly is one of the best places to find local events, just visit their events list and find something going on around you!  For everyone else, check out your other major cities ‘weekly’ websites like LAweekly. – A new website for you bar lovers. is a social networking website that offers live webcams at their bars(so you can see how the crowd is or to turn on and watch while drinking a beer…how depressing). Besides the cams, they also offer vouchers and a list of events around your area.

Meetup – A website that promotes social interaction with like minded folks. They offer tons of groups that should fill in any particular interest in your life. The website is usually for 30-40+ year olds but there are some 20-30 groups as well as 50+. From sports game at the beach to movie viewings – they have it all to help you meet new friends and find new interests.

Yelp – In case you have been living under a rock, Yelp is the leading force online for reviews on local restaurants, bars, venues, spas, and so much more. Yelp is also a good website for coupons and discounts as of late – sign up for their newsletter to get special offers and deals. You’ll also be able to find highest rated bars around you to find the ultimate St Patty’s day experience.

Stay safe – get a designated driver and don’t forget to wear green!

Written by lordsinsurancelog

March 17, 2011 at 7:12 pm

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