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Time Wasters of The Day

It’s Friday – I’m in love. I hope you got that ‘The Cure’ reference. It should be illegal to work on Fridays – so here are some ways to waste your time instead.

Big Ass Message (link) – Need to write really giant things on your laptop or monitor? Perhaps you want to tell anyone that looks on your monitor to go back to work or perhaps use your laptop as a communication device to the cute individual all the way on the other side. Big Ass Message let’s you write huge messages – either in plain black and white or seizure flashing style.

Wallbase (link) – Need a fancy new wallpaper for your fancy new monitor? Of course you do. This is my favorite website to find wallpapers of any kind in all sorts of sizes.

Multitask (game) – How are your multi-tasking skills? I bet you can’t beat me in my multi-tasking skills. It’s a rather simple and competitive game so send it to your friends and try to beat each other!

27bslash6 (link) – So apparently art designers have to deal with many difficult clients – this website is a collection of him being a jerk(a funny jerk) to his clients. The particular story I have linked is one of my favorites. It’s about cat posters.

Raptor Hoodie (link) – Did you ever think for once that you wanted to be a dinosaur? Of course you did so here is the next best thing. I can’t reveal too much but it’s amazing. There is also a kid sized version so everybody gets to have fun!


Written by lordsinsurancelog

March 18, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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