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Staying Fit In The Office – Because Going To The Gym Requires Walking

So you want to get into shape and shed some pounds – well my recommendation is to hit the gym and start running but if time is an issue then there are always ways around it!

But first I would like to mention why physical activity – even in the office is a step towards a better life. Many office workers endure hours of inactivity and it can seriously hinder their fitness level. Let’s shine a light on the inactivity of people who work in an office:

  • Sitting. They’re sitting on the bus/in their car to get to work (roughly 30min-1hr per day)
  • More sitting. Now they’re sitting in their chair for the next 7-8+ hours.
  • Avoiding walking. If they work in a tall building – they’ll take the elevator instead of walk.
  • Free unhealthy foods. Office parties/meetings that include food usually include unhealthy foods and snacks such as pizza, cookies, sodas, and cakes.
  • Too much snacking. Many people keep snacks and sugary drinks nearby. One or two may be okay but when it’s spread throughout the day, everyday of the work day, it gets a little extreme.
  • Not eating. Some people skip out on lunch – thus puts your body into a starvation mode which retains more fat cells.
  • Even more sitting. People who spend a lot of time on their computer at work may also spend a lot of time on the computer at home.

Taking all that into account – roughly half to 3/4 of  a person’s day is spent doing a lot of sitting. To stay fit and lose weight, one needs to keep their heart rate up.

So if getting a gym membership and running around your neighborhood is too time consuming then there are some small steps one can take to boost your fitness level:

  • Bike/Walk/Run to work. If your commute is not that far, look into alternative ways to get to work. Just make sure to bring deodorant and extra clothes if you plan to get all sweaty before work.
  • Take the stairs. If applicable, take the flight of stairs rather than taking an elevator – every bit of physical activity helps.
  • Park far. Forget looking for a parking spot at work, just find the furthest spot and walk – it helps motivate you to actually walk further.
  • Take a walk/jog during breaks. Sitting down for hours a day is not the most comfortable feeling in the world so stretch out those muscles every so often.
  • Drink water. Constantly flush your system with water to stay healthy and hydrated. Avoid soda and juice.
  • Eat healthy. Avoid those free pizza, donuts, and bagels and look into alternatives such as bringing your own meals to work. Instead of pizza – go grab a healthy protein filled sandwich instead.
  • Do bodyweight exercises. Squats, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, dips, jumping jacks, & burpees. Just because you’re not at a gym doesn’t mean you can’t use the office to start some bodyweight exercises

If you really are dedicated to working out in the office, then do some research on office workouts. Youtube has a few videos on ‘office workouts‘.


Written by lordsinsurancelog

March 23, 2011 at 6:50 pm