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Cops Bust People Faking Car Accidents For Insurance

What happens when 9 individuals try to milk insurance companies out of money they don’t deserve? That’s right – a lot of money to buy expensive steaks. Er and prison time.

It must have seemed like a marvelous idea for a group of friends looking for a way to make some extra money, but the police arrested eight people and are seeking a ninth for committing insurance fraud by staging a three-car crash in the Bronx last summer. The cops found surveillance video (watch it below) from W. 168th St. and Cromwell Ave. in High Bridge which showed a rather slow-moving crash. The Post says, “In one particularly memorable scene, one of the drivers actually backs up for a do-over.” Practice makes perfect?

According to the NYPD, the suspects crashed their cars, and then “Minutes later the vehicles circled the block and came back to the same location, where they proceeded to back their vehicles into each other causing further damage and simulating an accidental crash. The occupants subsequently called 911 and filled out a police accident report. The individuals then sought medical treatment afterward for their alleged injuries at local Bronx medical clinics that billed insurance companies up to $39,000 within a short period of time.”


The police were suspicious because none of the cars had much damage, yet all of the participants claimed injuries. And then the investigators found out all of the men were friends. The cars’ drivers, Julio Rivera, 28, Carmine Navarra, 33, and Hector Cruz, 21, were arrested as well as passengers Sor Perez, 30, Dekodar Vascones, 25, Luis Garcia, 31, Venecia Reyes, 23, and Julie Dilonardo, 25.



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March 24, 2011 at 10:19 pm

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