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Time Wasters Of The Day

Hello Monday lovers, yeah all two of you. Start off your day with a nice cup of coffee and some time wasters instead of all that fancy responsibilities you have in your inbox.

Genki Sudo – World Order in New York (video) – Ever curious as to what it looks like when 7 Japanese men in business suits dance and walk around slowly in New York? Wonder no further!

Sandra Lee – Lush Lagoon (video) – Watch as Sandra Lee tells you one of her favorite recipes which includes two shots of Vodka. Wait..2 shots? That doesn’t look like 2…

SWITL (video) – I don’t know what SWITL means and after watching this video, I still don’t know what it means. Even then, this has to be one of the coolest and most useless inventions I’ve seen.

Etsy (link) – A website dedicated to home-made accessories, jewelry, art, and so much
more. Arguably the best website to find unique accessories to impress your friends with.

Regretsy (link) – A website dedicated to the bizare home-made accessories, jewelry, art, and so much more than exist on Etsy.


Written by lordsinsurancelog

March 28, 2011 at 6:34 pm

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