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Today’s topic : Music!

GrooveShark –  Arguably the best internet online radio right now. Almost any song/artist you can think of will be on Grooveshark. Simply find what you’re looking for and either hit play all, create a playlist, or go to similar artist to find new music with similar taste.

Pandora – The classic online music radio – type a song or artist you like and Pandora will play similar songs/artist to aid you in finding new music.

The Sixty One – A ‘music adventure’ website. A website were its goal is to play new music that you may have never heard of(obscure music alert!).  Whats also cool about this one is that it displays a giant image of the artist and random facts about the artist pops up as it plays – good to leave as a screensaver type of thing as you walk around.. You can also select your current mood and the website will play music that will fit your mood the best.

You Are Listening To – Ever want to listen to the police radio scanner from major cities as ambiance music plays? Yeah well here it is.

Ghostly – This one if for electronica fans. Simply set your current mood and Ghostly will attempt to play electronica songs that best fits your mood.

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April 20, 2011 at 10:51 pm

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