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So, Mother’s Day Just Passed – What Did You Get Her?


Ha ha! Fake-out. Mother’s day did not pass but I hope this fooled somebody into believing it did.

Mother’s day is this weekend (May 8th, Sunday) – do you know what you’re getting for your mother yet? If you’re an online shopper, here are some of my favorite websites to find something:

Amazon – The obvious choice for almost any kind of shopping. Cheap, tax free, and amazing shipping – especially if you have Amazon Prime which could net you a month to a year of free 2-day shipping(click here to learn how to get Amazon Prime). Amazon’s home page is currently offering some ideas like the Kindle + $25 gift card so if your mother is the type that likes to read, consider the Kindle.

Museum of Modern Arts – If your mother is the type that enjoys contemporary kitschy trinkets and objects – then the Museum of Modern Arts is for her. Although pricey, most of these things would never be found anywhere else.

Etsy – Speaking of rare & special items, Etsy is the champion of it. A site dedicated to home-made goods from sweets, scarves, pillows, stuffed animals, and so much more. Definitely a must see if you’re interested in an especially unique gift.

ThinkGeek – The gift store for the ‘nerdier’ mothers. A website dedicated to gadgets, doodads, and trinkets of the technological kind.

Proflowers – In the end, there’s always the classic box of fresh flowers, cards,  and  chocolate if your mother lives far away – consider ordering from a local flower shop or just use Proflowers!


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May 2, 2011 at 7:04 pm

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