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With websites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Veoh – watching videos instantly is getting easier and easier. Besides looking at adorable animal videos though, there are also a plethora of Insurance related videos that are interesting and educational!

Auto Insurance – Humor. A man calls his insurance agent and complains about how much he has to pay per month – includes a lot of mentioning of a male’s genitals.

How Does Insurance Work? – Educational. A visual and creative guide as to why insurance works, simple yet effective.

Life Insurance – Animation. A animated short cartoon about a man’s struggle with life – it actually doesn’t have to do much with insurance despite the name but an interesting watch if you understand the deeper meaning. Has some dark tones so may not be for your kids.

Insurance Company Rules – Humor. What happens when you can bend everyday life just because you have an insurance policy? Insurance Company Rules. It’s a jab at insurance companies but that doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

Jake and Amir:Health Insurance – Humor. Two comedy writers doing a skit about why one should get health insurance – includes a lot of blood.

Bangkok Insurance Commercials – Humor. Definitely nothing like the commercials that are in America. Speaking of commercials, check out the emotional Thai Insurance commercials over here.

For more videos, just head over to Youtube and type in insurance. There are tons of educational videos there to hone your insurance abilities!


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May 3, 2011 at 9:04 pm

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