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Interesting News : Suicidal Chinese boy tries to jump off bridge and gets a surprising rescue

SHINSEN, CANTON, CHINA– A boy plotting to end his life by jumping from a bridge abandoned his plan after being discovered and kissed by a girl who saw him while passing by.

Pretending to be the boy’s girlfriend, the clever girl drew notice for her “courageous deed”. The story is being widely reported throughout China.

June 11th, 2011. A 16-year-old boy was ready to jump from a pedestrian crossing. A 19-year-old girl, noticing the state of affairs, told onlookers she was the boy’s girlfriend in order to approach him and persuade him to step away from the ledge.

The heroine who saved the boy’s precious life is named Liú Wén Xiù (劉文秀), and works at an area hotel. Although you couldn’t tell from her adult looks, the girl, who handles her work at the front desk with unpretentious ease, is only 19 years old. The coworkers call her a “big sister” who patiently listens to the complaints of customers.

Miss Liú’s parents are divorced. In order to provide for her sister, who has a fragile constitution, she dropped out of her high school and came to work in Shinsen. She tells us that she has, on occasion, considered suicide over the troubles she faces in her own life. Thinking of the boy who considered suicide to express his distaste for his family, she says, “I hope people can understand his stupidity, because I myself was stupid in the past.”

With the story blowing up on the Internet and many taking an interest in Miss Liú, she tells us that many customers are checking in simply to see her in person, and that she’s received many “recruitment” offers from other hotels.

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June 22, 2011 at 7:11 pm

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