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Court denies insurance benefits to Toronto man who killed wife

A Toronto man who stabbed his estranged wife to death and attempted to claim her life insurance benefits won’t receive any payout, an Ontario Superior Court judge ruled last week.

In June 2006, Kamlesh Dhingra was found dead in her Richmond Hill, Ont., home. She was struck on her head with a marble statue of a Hindu deity and stabbed multiple times in the neck and body. While a court found that Ved Dhingra killed his wife Kamlesh Dhingra, it found him not criminally responsible for the gruesome murder because he suffered from schizoaffective disorder.

Because the court decided he wasn’t criminally responsible, Scotia Life Insurance Company said it would pay the $50,000 policy benefit to Dhingra, who was the sole beneficiary.

But last week, the Ontario Superior Court ruled that Dhingra, who was sent to the Whitby Mental Health Centre following his trial, isn’t entitled to the insurance benefits.

“(Dhingra) committed second degree murder of his ex-wife Kamlesh. Even though he was not found criminally responsible, he still physically committed the crime,” Justice Andra Pollak wrote in her ruling.

“There is no judicial support in Canada for (Dhingra’s) submission,” she continued.

Her ruling sided with Dhingra’s son Paul, who had argued that the insurance benefits should go to his mother’s estate and not to his father.



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June 23, 2011 at 7:21 pm

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