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The World of Podcasts

Do you know what a podcast is? A podcast, in simple terms, is a recorded talk show for the internet. You can download it anytime and listen to it anywhere you go, pause it when you want, and store up to thousands of conversations and ideas on your MP3 player instead of music. Whether you’re jogging, driving on a long commute, or just lounging around the home – a podcast is a great way to learn while multi-tasking. Here are some of my personal favorites:

This American Life – A great podcast about slice of life, culture, and arts. Beautifully produced and provides a fantastic insight on a lot of different subjects.

RadioLab – Pretty much just like This American Life but it’s like a different slice of pizza – still delicious but different toppings.

Love & Radio – Much like the previous two but many of their episodes are 18+. The topics could get a bit raunchy but still provides a professional insight on different cultures of life.

Professor Blastoff – A podcast that combines comedy with topics that range from scientific to philosophical to metaphysical ideas. Get a good laugh while you learn.

Comedy Bang Bang – Pure comedy and wit with a plethora of celebrity guests to entertain for hours.

These podcasts are also available on iTunes in the iTunes store. They’re all free and you’ll be able to access older episodes.


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June 29, 2011 at 11:04 am

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