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3 people arrested in arson, insurance fraud case

DAYTON — Investigators have made arrests in connection with a suspicious fire that occurred on Salem Avenue in July.

Erin Lyon, 28, and her boyfriend Keith Joyce, 33, were both arrested, pending arson and insurance fraud charges, on Wednesday. Lyon’s mother Elizabeth Schwartzenberger, 57, also was in custody and facing similar charges. All live at the Salem Avenue address, according to a Dayton police report.

Dayton arson investigators are scheduled to meet with Montgomery County Prosecutors today to discuss the charges, Dayton Fire Chief Herbert Redden said. The trio allegedly admitted to the allegations made against them.

The July 7 fire started at 1136 Salem Ave. shortly before 2:30 a.m. at the two-story brick home.

When firefighters arrived, the fire was well-involved, according to Dayton Fire Capt. Joseph Meyer. No injuries were reported.

Investigators believe one of trio intentionally set the fire, Redden said.

Lyon spoke to the Dayton Daily News at the time of the fire and said that the house was owned by her mother.

Montgomery County real estate records show that the house is owned by DBO LLC in Utah.

The trio tried to file insurance claims for items that were not in the fire, Redden said. They sought insurance money from at least 18 insurance companies. If they would have succeeded, they would have received approximately $70,000, Redden said.

At the fire scene, Lyon also said she and other family members were on a camping trip when she got a call from a neighbor about the house fire. Redden said investigators have determined that was not true.

Neighbors told authorities that Lyons and her family might have been in the process of moving out, Meyer said at the time of the fire. Investigators received a tip that the trio might have moved the content in question to another location. Investigators were able to get a search warrant for this location and were able to confiscate some materials from the location, but Redden would not discuss specific details of the search.

Dayton Arson Investigators are looking at whether the trio have anything to do with any other arsons the city has had, Redden said.

The estimated damage to the structure was approximately $35,000, Redden said. The fire caused damage to at least two other houses nearby.

The Dayton Fire Department has cleared at least 18 arson cases so far this year, Redden said.

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August 26, 2011 at 6:41 pm

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