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Useful website : 1 Dollar Scan

Want to get practically anything scanned for only $1? Do you have a giant huge textbook that you’re sick of lugging around class?

Invest in 1 Dollar Scan.

A new business in San Jose is getting a lot of buzz recently for providing a scanning service – perfect for any college student. If you’re in a class that requires a 1000+ page textbook, try to get class mates to pitch in for one book and send it to these guys. They’ll scan every single page and make a PDF version of it, which you could then distribute it to your classmates.

You’ll be able to find text easily and read it anywhere you go without having to worry about carrying that pesky heavy text-book.

The most important thing? It’s $1/100 pages. If it goes pass 600 pages, it’ll always be $6. Yes, a 1000 page book will be $6.

Turn around time is 2 weeks but it’s totally worth it. On top of textbooks, they’ll also scan business cards, documents, photos, and practically anything. Check their pricing page for more information.

Written by lordsinsurancelog

August 29, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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