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Insurance fraud isn’t worth the risk

Your recent article detailing the arrest of Elmira resident David Perry for allegedly stealing $100,000 from the State Insurance Fund by faking a work injury (“Ex-Elmira correction officer faces fraud charge,” Oct. 17) is a wake-up call that insurance fraud is a crime all New Yorkers pay for, and shouldn’t tolerate.

Thankfully, most people are honest. And Perry may well be innocent. But still, fraud can hit any community.

Shysters are peddling fake health insurance, leaving honest people dangerously unprotected.

Staged crashes are driving up our auto premiums.

Crooked body shops do shoddy repairs then overbill the auto insurer, leaving drivers with unsafe cars. People burn down their homes or vehicles for an insurance payout.

Fake work injuries drive up workers comp premiums for honest businesses. Some insurance agents pocket your premiums without buying you insurance.

Our down economy may tempt normally honest people to inflate claims or fall victim to scammers.

Stay alert, stay clean, and don’t risk jail and a permanent criminal record, and report fraud to the state frauds bureau.

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Written by lordsinsurancelog

October 24, 2011 at 6:51 pm

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